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Code of Conduct
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All rules and regulations are formulated for the benefit of the student. We owe it to them to grow up in a society that is safe and learn in an environment where there is respect for all.

We intend to:-

  • Parents should ensure that the child attends school regularly and on time (7.40 a.m.)
  • No leave of absence will be granted without prior written intimation from parents.
  • Medical certificate should be produced immediately in case of absence due to illness.
  • Medical appointments should be made after school hours only.
  1. Leave note should be produced in case of absence.
  2. Prior written permission should be taken before going out of station.
  • Special extra classes will be conducted for the benefit of the children. No excuse in this respect will be tolerated.
  • Students lacking in attendance without proper justification will be viewed seriously and if repeated may lead to the suspension/restriction of the students from the school.
  • No student can go home during class hour without the gate pass/out pass request of parents.